We have a wide range of facials and peels to cater for all needs. Looking for a peel or resurfacing treatment to restore your skin’s healthy, natural glow? We use specialised Aspect Dr and Cosmedix products for our peel treatments, which are powerful yet gentle, and extremely effective.

Revive, rebalance and rejuvenate with our range of Janesce facial treatments. Using pure plant extracts, these facials will feed, nourish and support your skin. Hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate and oxygenate your skin whilst indulging yourself.

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Relax and unwind with our signature range of facials that are hand tailored to suit your skin all while you relax. These treatments include a double cleanse, exfoliation with steam, massage, hydrating mask, hot towel treatment and completed with serums, and home-care.

Mini Facial 30MIN • $55.00
Antioxidant Facial 45MIN • $75.00
Signature Facial 60MIN • $95.00
Deluxe Facial 90MIN • $125.00
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Bring sluggish skin back to life with this layering method featuring the new Sculpted Professional Peel-Off Mask. Featuring bromelain enzyme derived from pineapples this mask works to break down proteins in the skin and help to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Every skin type can benefit from this exfoliating and hydrating mask. The ideal partner upgrade is the Pomegranate Peel or Essential Peptide Peel.


A deeply hydrating, antioxidant facial for all skin types in need of a little TLC. These facial are customized depending on what your skin needs, treatments includes a double cleanse, massage, a deep exfoliation, targeted treatment mask, hot towel treatment, targeted treatment serums, and home-care are applied.

Choose From One of the following:

The Calming Facial: Soothe away redness and reduce the look of irritated, sensitized skin with a treatment that also keep the signs of aging at bay

Age Defiant: Reduce the visible signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles with intelligent exfoliation and firming peptides. Help swing the hands of time in the right direction for smoother and more radiant skin.

Picture Perfect: Can’t find a filter to perk up your complexion? Get a refreshing facial that revitalizes the complexion. It’s a perfect pick-me-up before an event or to pair with a trigger-happy selfie finger

Super Hydrator: Relieve dry skin types with a hydrating facial that helps restore moisture, vitality and firmness to the skin

Lets Get Even: Minimize the appearance of age spots, hyper-pigmentation & photo damage with our brightening treatment that also helps to sooth rough skin texture.

Finding Clarity:  Fight acne breakout and control excess oil for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

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Blueberry Smoothie 30MIN • $120

A deliciously refreshing scrub that invigorates the skin with the use of a gentle AHA acid. Active blueberry extracts exfoliate the skin to restore a youthful looking glow. This light peel is great for congested, rough textured skin

Pomegranate Peel 30MIN • $120
Pomergranate Peel + Sculpted Mask 45MIN • $170

The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types, conditions and concerns. This gentle, antioxidant peel is specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly exfoliates while potent antioxidants prevent external free radical damage.

Retinol Essential Peptide Peel 30MIN • $150
Retinol Essential Peptide Peel + Sculpted Mask 45MIN • $200

An all purpose retinol treatment. This gentle peel combines AHA, Vitamin A, Peptides and Raspberry Oil to reveal a smoother, younger-looking skin. Ideal for thin and fragile skins

Deep Sea Peel 45MIN • $400

Marine polishing peel, An advanced non-acidic marine based peel combines natural Sea Herbs and essential oils which are massaged into the skin, which initiate a cascade of cellular processes. This incredibly effective, peel works well for assisting with the appearance of fine lines wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and scarring.

Retinol Benefit Peel 45MIN • $180

Vitamin A & C exfoliating peel, a gentle, all purpose treatment with fruit enzymes, Vitamins A and C that resurfaces, corrects and protects.

Retinol Purity Peel 45MIN • $190

Decongesting & clarifying peel, a gentle epidermal treatment that decongests pores for clearer, healthier-looking skin. Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin.

Retinol Timeless Peel 45MIN • $250

AHA & retinol age defying peel, This powerful Vitamin A and AHA peel supports significant cell turnover, resulting in smoother, denser, more hydrated skin. This peel works well for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and perfecting the skin.

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A non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance and health of your skin by increases product penetration, allowing your skin to build collagen and help recover your youthful appearance. Using microdermabrasion, the outer layers of the skin are exfoliated, and this allows for the alleviation of a plethora of skin concerns. When combined with our professional products, you’ll see instant increase in hydration and reduction in fine lines and pigmentation.

Microdermabrasion 45MIN • $100
Microdermabrasion + Pomegranate Peel 60MIN • $135
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JANESCE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS with their pure plant extracts, feed, nourish & support your skin. The Janesce skin care range has been formulated by a naturopath not a cosmetic chemist. Our priority and interest lies in skin health and the treatment and support of the skin as an organ. If you’re after pure goodness for your skin, and ultimate relaxation, these are the facials for you.


A perfect pick me up facial for an instant hydration boost or an excellent introduction to the world of Janesce skincare.


A basic facial treatment which includes a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, and mask suited to your individual skin needs. Designed to boost and rebalance your skin


This complete facial treatment commences with a gentle double cleanse to remove make up and impurities followed by a warm hydration soak of the skin. Exfoliation is performed to soften and remove dead skin cells. We then direct a warm mist of steam onto the skin to hydrate and oxygenate your skin. A warm intensive mask is then applied while you enjoy a relaxing massage of your shoulders, neck and face using aromatic oils. Finally a floral mist and concentrate is applied under a day cream.

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